WarRock est un jeu d'action à la première personne qui permet de mener l'action au maximum de son pouvoir pour expérimenter une aventure vraie WarRock is an outstanding action game in first person. It allows taking its power to its maximum, to experience a real and chilling adventure Si vous aimez l'action et l'utilisation des armes, WarRock est un divertissement que vous bénéficierez sûrement. If you like action and the use of weapons, WarRock is an entertainment that you can surely enjoy. WarRock est un jeu qui réunit sur un entourage de guerre surprenant plusieurs personnages au choix, spécialisés chacun d'eux dans des secteurs spécifiques ayant des caractéristiques bien définies.

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The game is set in the midst of a nuclear war in the fictional Republic of Derbaran. Players select between the two teams and engage in battles using 20th and 21st century military equipment, including a large assortment of infantry weapons and vehicles.

During most combat modes, players are divided into these two teams and compete as an army against each other. In CQC mode the player has got several small maps available and there are 4 game modes available. Explosive, where two teams compete for control of the map. Derbaran's primary objectives are to kill all NIU soldiers or plant a bomb and defend it until detonation. NIU's primary objectives are to kill all Derbaran soldiers preventing them from planting a bomb or defuse the bomb once it's been planted.

The team which reaches its goal wins the round and the match winner is the team which wins the required number of rounds first usually 7. Maximum roomsize: 8 or 16 players. Deathmatch, where again the two teams fight each other. Every team has its own counter, which decrements with each frag.

There are no flags or bases to capture, also there is an eight player maximum. After a frag, players re-spawn at the team's base and rejoin the battle. This mode uses the same maps as the 'Explosive Mode' and there are no teams. So everybody's fighting against each other until a player reaches a predefined number of frags.

Only the 1st weapon slot is available for the game, so either a knife is equipped or one uses the standard 'knuckles' to frag. Sessions end either when a team has reached a preset number of points, or the allotted time expires in which case the team with the most points wins. It should be noted not all the game modes are kill based.

As players gain experience, they will advance in level, allowing access to new weapons and items, which can be bought with money earned in the game. War Rock features a clan system, that allows members to engage in clan wars whilst representing their specific clans. In spite of this, many hacks and exploits exist in the game, and are commonly used by unscrupulous players seeking an advantage without wanting to pay for premium accounts or weapons.

This is believed to be possible due to poor initial coding, and is exacerbated by even worse enforcement of hacking violations. It is not uncommon to see new hacks appear in the game within hours of an "anti-hack" patch being deployed. There is the possibility to gain extra weapon slots up to 3 e. In WarRock, each character has its specialties and is selected depending on the map type and player's style.

The Combatant is the most popular character due to its all-round ability and firepower. The Medic has the ability to heal itself and other players, which makes it popular amongst players who purchase premium items and weapons. The Military Engineer is the least popular character due to its limited abilities on smaller maps.

Only large maps include machinery such as vehicles, tanks, helicopters or planes which the Military Engineer can repair. However the Military Engineer is not required to operate heavy machinery; all characters can drive vehicles and tanks or pilot helicopters and planes.

Often, due to heavy combat, it's more common for a vehicle to be abandoned rather than repaired. As well, large maps have repair points which can repair any damaged machine, further limiting the Military Engineer's usefulness. However, Military Engineers can use land mines, take half the damage from mines, and use T-Bombs.


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